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The new idea to decorate children and kids' bedrooms is called PLAYFUL. It's an exciting combination of self-adhesive decoration, mix-and-match borders and wallpapers, that inspire joy and imagination. Playful is a lively and fun collection.

The Playful collection offers a range of proposals to decor walls and bedrooms' furniture. It comprehends repositionable stickers and wall stickers (Wallcas), which can be placed on surfaces such as walls, wallpapers and furniture.

Moreover, Playful propose wallpapers Kid and Teens. They are characterized by drawings and can be combined with decorative borders and specials white-paper drawings which can be colored by the kids.


PLAYFUL | Carta da parati giocosa    VERSIONE IN ITALIANO
bandiera italia smallLa nuova idea per decorare le camere di bimbi e ragazzi si chiama PLAYFUL   


idee per decorare le camerette dei bimbi

Every piece of the Playful collection can be matched and combined. Playful allows to create infinite combinations, to decorate with a unique taste and imagination any room or space devoted to kids and teenagers.

The mural stickers are matchable with wallpapers, boarders, colorable wallpaper and each of them can be mixed together. PlayFul  is a collection conceived to combine each element, giving you total freedom to experiment with playfulness and inspiration. 

The Playful PlayFul kids and teen wallpapers collection is the result of a synergy between designers for kids decorations and the company Peridea Studio. Peridea Studio realizes projects for exhibits, kids stores, nursery schools and companies specialized in products for children rooms.

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Playful wallpapers have simple designs, they are easily intuitive and they have drawings thought for kids. They recall figures of their world such as colored animals, toy cars, circles, polka dots and colored stripes. Playful includes both drawings for newborns and patterns for the more grownups.

carta da parati certificataPlayful is a collection suitable to decor children's bedrooms, kindergartens, kids' stores, since have a fire certified.  Each Playful wallpaper are safe and verified for air quality. They all have A+ certification.


-   Striped wallpapers
-   Circles and spots wallpapers
-    Plain colored wallpapers
-    Polka-dots wallpapers
-    Kids' drawings wallpapers
-    Botanical designs wallpapers




PlayFul  has been thought to create an imaginative space for children and to encourage a smile on their faces, using multiple combinations. 


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carta da parati per ragazzi

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PlayFul - Vivacità, colore, giocosità in tante proposte mixabili tra loro: https://nannigiancarlo.it/index.php/prodotti/rivestimenti-murali/carte-da-parati/carta-da-parati-per-bimbi-e-ragazzi-detail

Pubblicato da Nanni Giancarlo & C. su Giovedì 31 gennaio 2019


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rivestimento parete per asilo - Nanni Giancarlo e C.

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carta da parati per ragazza - Nanni Giancarlo e C.




Cozy, stimulating and engaging
PLAYFUL: love, fantasy and color

La Collezione PlayFul si esprime con forme semplici, quasi minimal, immediatamente riconoscibili anche dai più piccoli. Sfumature pastello, colori tenui, forme ispirate alla natura e agli animali e geometrie universali, per accendere l'immaginazione. Una dichiarazione d'amore !

Pubblicato da Nanni Giancarlo & C. su Venerdì 26 ottobre 2018
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Children's wallpaper with matching color and decorative borders




Playful - coloring wallpaper is a wallpaper with simple black & white drawings, which can be colored. Playful – coloring wallpaper can be combined with already colored wallpapers with the same design. They can be mixed between each other. Moreover, to give a personal touch, redisposable stickers can be added where you wish.
carta da parati da colorare - Nanni Giancarlo e C.
carta da parati da colorare - Nanni Giancarlo e C.
carta da parati da colorare - Nanni Giancarlo e C.
carta da parati da colorare - Nanni Giancarlo e C.
Kid-friendly, tidiness, harmony and beauty are the fundamentals in kids spaces. The child desires to “take over the environment and with it the means for its own development”. During the growth, children have the need to grow a consciousness through their surroundings.
Playful figured out a way to make children happy, with them coloring their own magical corner. It provides the means to become a young artist. Playful pictured them in their personal fantasy world, with their own story drawn on their walls.
Playful wallpaper can be designed to a small portion of the room, just enough to create a space where children can express their creativity and create an element which can be recognized as theirs. Playful can be applied on plywood panels, which can be laid to the wall and removed later when the child will grow up. Playful's uniqueness is its range of possibilities.
The entire collection has been made with different products, to offer a complete set.
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Stickers - Wallcas


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